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I Have My Own Personal Beauty


Age: 14
Location: North Hills, CA
Birthday: June 30
Hobbies: swimming, basketball, shopping, photography, goin to magic mountain/hurricane harbor
Favorite Food: french fries, mashed potatoes, pizza, strawberries
Favorite Color: pink/blue
Favorite Place: hawaii and my home
10 Of Your Favorite Bands: blink182, plain white t's, simple plan, my chemical romance, brand new, the ataris, story of the year, green day, fall out boy, dashboard confessional.
Favorite Songs: boulevard of broken dreams by green day. i'm not okay by my chemical romance. i promise by simple plan
What makes people beautiful? their personality and the inside of the person, not the outside.
What makes you beautiful?
personality and the real me, my legs
Why should we let you be in this community? because i thought this was a cool community since it was called personal beauty. and i like to meet new people.
What is one of your most embarassing moments? i guess when i told my crush that i liked him...and i got rejected
Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? boyfriend
-If so, how long have you been together? 3 weeks, he's my first boyfriend. :)
Anything else you would like to tell us about yourself, feel free to put it here: i laugh at anything someone says. =D

::at least 3 pictures/max-6::

at hurricane harbor (i'm in the middle)


me and my b/f

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